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From items as big as your home to as small as a pair of earrings, your clients likely have more valuable assets than they realize. Personal insurance makes sure that whatever it is your client invests in, it will always be protected.

Burns & Wilcox can provide Comprehensive Personal Liability programs that can protect High-Value Homeowners and Mid-Range Homeowners alike. Whether it is for auto, recreation, private collections, special events or property coverage, Burns & Wilcox can provide you with a policy to cover any personal risk.

Accident and Health

How confident are you in your Accident and Health insurance? Many basic coverages do not offer the specialized protection you need to cover your assets.

Collector Cars

Whether it’s the unique bubble hood, the discontinued aluminum wheels or that wood grain steering wheel no longer available on the market – a collector car is a one-of-a-kind investment that is worth more than just dollars and cents to the owner. It’s their joy and something they do not want to lose to unforeseen damage. Without the proper insurance, your clients are taking a chance with their collector vehicles.

Collector Cars Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides access to protection for your clients’ antique and collector cars.

Property Residential

Property: Residential

Burns & Wilcox offers solutions for a variety of Residential Property coverage needs. See below for examples of coverages we are able to provide.

Personal Articles Floater

We all have those items in our home that mean the most to us; whether it is that prized bottle of wine, a rare autograph from a sports player, or your grandmother’s pearls. Most of the time, these special items also require special coverage that picks up where traditional home insurance leaves off and includes provisions for special personal assets, including fine art, jewelry, silverware, antiques, sports cards, or other unique collections.

As a leader in providing access to excess and specialty insurance coverage, Burns & Wilcox can connect your client to a Personal Articles Floater (PAF), which boosts the limits of the typical homeowner’s policy. Protecting what you cherish most!


Personal Liability

How confident are you in your Personal Liability insurance? Many basic coverages do not offer the specialized protection you need to cover your assets.


Recreational Marine

Watercraft Coverage through Burns & Wilcox

Providing coverage to mitigate costly repairs and liability exposures

Once the weekend comes, Canadians all over the country make their way to the closest body of water for fun and recreation. When navigating a boat or personal watercraft, your clients need to know they have the right insurance coverage. We have the coverages your clients need to keep them afloat.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to Watercraft Coverage for recreational vessels to help with the costly repercussions of an accident. Coupled with our fast submission response time and low minimum premiums, Burns & Wilcox is one of the leading providers for excess and specialty insurance.


Specialty Classes: Personal

Burns & Wilcox offers solutions for a variety of personal specialty classes. See below for examples of coverages we are able to provide.

At Burns & Wilcox our expertise becomes your expertise. Our marketing materials are designed to help you give your clients what they want to hear – yes to almost any hard-to-place-risk.

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