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Course of Construction

The risk of property damage while you’re a home is under construction is a significant concern for property owners. Damage can result in severe, unexpected costs which can delay the building process or halt it entirely. Course of Construction insurance (often referred to as “Builder’s Risk”) provides a specialized form of insurance designed to insure against repair or replacement costs while construction is underway and, in some cases, for a specified period afterwards.

Course of Construction Coverage through Burns & Wilcox can cover your clients’ personal property while under construction, as well as property at off-site storage locations and in transit. As a leading provider of wholesale insurance, the experienced professionals at Burns & Wilcox can deliver insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of your clients.

Coverage Details and Features


  • Ground up Construction
  • Renovations and Tail End Renovations
  • Only licensed Insured Contractors
  • Owner/builder – excludes liability – must be using licensed sub­contractors Only
  • Homes in brush, coastal areas, and earthquake zones
  • Dwellings with losses
  • Named insured’s can be trusts, estates, LLC’s or corporations


  • Homeowners form
  • $5 million premises liability limit Available
  • Medical Payment Coverage Available
  • Theft of Building Materials Available
  • Theft on contents available

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Dwellings
  • Condos
  • High Value Homes

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