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Kidnap and Ransom

During kidnap-for-ransom instances, the average ransom demand is $1.15 million and the average settlement is $355,000. Coverage for these situations has become as crucial as ever with the threat of kidnapping and extortion dramatically increasing, not only abroad, but also at home.

Types of incidents include: traditional kidnap-for-ransom or extortions; detentions; evacuations; missing persons; and threats to people, property or business information. Whether it is families on vacation, companies with employees traveling or based overseas, or even a domestic threat, these emotional, financial and devastating threats are all too real.

Kidnap and Ransom policies have the potential to save a life and subsequently prevent further financial or emotional trauma to a family and employer.

Coverage Details and Features


  • Reimbursement for money paid for extortion or ransom
  • Money for rewards provided for information leading to arrest or conviction of perpetrators
  • Medical, cosmetic, psychiatric, or dental expenses following insured person’s release
  • Expenses related to rest and rehabilitation
  • Coverage for accidental death or dismemberment
  • Coverage for financial loss as a result of being unable to attend to financial responsibilities
  • Reimbursement of lost salary for both the victim and family member unable to work while handling the crisis


  • Customized limits tailored to meet the needs of each company and family
  • Reasonable and necessary costs of a threat assessment and the temporary protection of the threatened insured, insured person or property
  • Disappearance and Investigation
  • Legal fees, fees and expenses of independent public relations consultants, interpreters and independent forensic analysts
  • Includes hijacking and express kidnapping
  • Extortion, bodily injury, detention
  • Property damage including pollution/contamination, trade secrets and computer virus
  • Can include expenses for Workplace Violence

Coverage Highlights

  • Policy periods up to 36 months
  • 24‐hour crisis hotline
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Coverage can be secured on a short‐term basis for individual trips or for an entire organization, including relative and guests or insured persons
  • Most submissions are quoted within 24 hours
  • Indications available based on preliminary underwriting data
  • No minimum premium requirements, no deductibles required
  • Immediate access to the crisis response firm’s consulting services across a variety of topics relating to security and executive protection.

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Religious institutions/organizations
  • Educational facilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Medical institutions
  • Mining corporations

Ask an Expert

What does a kidnap and ransom policy cover?
Kidnap and ransom policies protect against financial losses that arise when an insured is threatened internationally or domestically. Cases can range from traditional kidnap-for-ransom or hostage situations to ship and aircraft hijacks, political detentions or threats aimed at an employee in the workplace.
So kidnap and ransom coverage includes domestic and international risks?
Correct. A kidnap and ransom policy will cover international and domestic threats similarly. For example, a female employee felt unsafe in her Michigan-based workplace because her ex-husband made threats to her. The Michigan company had a kidnap and ransom policy that paid for an in-office security team to protect the woman’s entire workplace from her ex-husband, ensuring her and her co-workers safety should an incident occur. Kidnap and ransom policies can be an important part of risk management for smaller companies too. During the recession, we saw an increase in bank robberies. A kidnap and ransom policy provides protection in a hostage situation.
Who usually requests or purchases kidnap and ransom coverage?
Kidnap and ransom policies are purchased by a variety of individuals and organizations, including high net-worth individuals, hospitals and global organizations. For example, a hospital’s policy would provide coverage when a child is abducted by a parent that doesn’t have custody.

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