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The most expensive wristwatch ever auctioned sold for $31 million

A prized comic book recently sold at an auction for a record-shattering $3.2 million. In another auction, a rare baseball card recently drew a winning bid of $609,294. High-end collectibles have appreciated immensely in recent years. Consequently, connoisseurs are looking beyond the usual big-ticket items such as art and jewelry and purchasing collectibles such as sports memorabilia, comics and musical instruments purely for investment purposes.

However, standard homeowners policies often leave these possessions unprotected. Personal Articles Floater policies can be tailored to the level of protection your clients require, safeguarding their cherished items in the event of damage or theft.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Reimbursement available up to 150% of replacement cost
  • Single items eligible for coverage
  • Scheduled or blanket coverage available
  • Breakage coverage standard for fine arts
  • Flood and Earthquake included
  • Policies from “A” rated carriers in admitted and non-admitted markets
  • In-vault rates available
  • 30 days coverage for newly acquired items

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Extremely valuable heirlooms
  • Cameras
  • Jewelry
  • Collectibles
  • Memorabilia
  • Fine art
  • Musical instruments (including professional use)
  • Furs
  • Sports cards
  • Fire arms
  • Wine collections
  • Medical devices


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Two Minutes To Ensure Your Clients Valuable Possessions Are Covered

As a broker or agent, you know standard homeowners policies in many cases inadequately cover valuable personal items. But do your clients know? Odds are, the answer is no...

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Ask an Expert

What circumstances require a personal article floater in addition to a homeowners policy?
Most homeowners insurance policies have sub limits on certain classifications of property and only cover specific types of losses. For example, if a valuable antique vase is shattered during an earthquake, a homeowners policy may not cover the loss of the vase, because earthquakes aren’t a covered peril or breakage may be excluded as a covered loss. A personal article floater is much broader than a homeowners policy and generally comes with no deductible. It also itemizes the belongings it covers, including the value of each piece.
What types of items do personal article floaters cover?
Personal article floaters act as supplemental coverage for a wide variety of specialty items, such as jewelry, guns, fine art, antiques, sports memorabilia, wine cellars, etc. Unlike most standard homeowners policies, personal article floaters can be customized to insure unique and unusual items. In many cases, these personal belongings are irreplaceable and hold significant sentimental value, so providing proper insurance coverage is extremely important.
Why is it important for a broker to offer a personal article floater option to a client?
A broker’s job is to provide risk management solutions that safeguard their client’s assets, and offering customized coverage solutions can build loyalty and improve client retention. A personal article floater is the best way to guarantee that your clients’ most valued, prized possessions are fully protected. While personal article floaters are generally affordable, consumers are often unaware they are an option or that they may have gaps in coverage as a result of relying solely on their homeowners policy for protection. It’s critical that brokers discuss homeowners policy sub limits with their clients to determine if these coverage gaps exist.

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