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Equine Mortality

Whether owned for pleasure or professional use, a horse is a valuable asset which requires considerable investment and care. Protection of this asset, however, can be costly and can involve more than just feeding, housing and medical attention. Should the horse cause property damage or injury, the horse owner is responsible and can be held liable for monetary compensation. Additionally, if the horse has been injured, becomes sick or dies, unexpected medical expenses may be incurred.

Equine Mortality Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides mortality, illness or disease coverage, reimbursement of costs resulting from accidents, third party liability coverage and more. As a leading provider of wholesale insurance, the experienced professionals at Burns & Wilcox can deliver insurance solutions to help your clients protect their investment.

Coverage Details and Features

Mortality Coverage

  • A Full Mortality policy provides coverage for loss or death due to theft and also death as a result of accident, injury, illness, or disease anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada. Available for horses 24 hours to 20 years of age
  • Free Emergency Colic Surgery coverage
  • Free 12 month extension on all full mortality policies
  • Free value endorsement on all full mortality policies
  • No vet exam required on sound, healthy horses ages 31 days to 20 years with insured values of $100k or less

Property Coverages

  • Complete property and liability packages for equine properties are available. Package may
    include more than one location.
  • May include main residential buildings
  • Other dwellings
  • Farm structures
  • Contents of all buildings, equipment and machinery
  • Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL) is available only in conjunction with a main residence policy and covers general non-equine liability exposure for personal, not commercial purposes

Liability Coverage

  • Our Equine Policies help protect your equine activities.
  • Equine Commercial General Liability (CGL) is available to professionals who are breeding, boarding, training, instructing, and/or operating any eligible equine facility
  • Equine Professional Liability Coverage provides coverage from any negligent act, error or omission arising from your professional activities. Available as an addition to a CGL policy
  • Equine Personal Liability (EPL) provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties
  • caused by personally owned or leased horses. Available to a horse owner or the lessee of a horse
  • Care, Custody, and Control (CCC) provides protection in the event the insured or an employee of the insured is found legally liable for the death, injury, or theft of a horse in their care
  • Equine Event Policy is available for individual horse shows, equestrian events, or clinics
  • Race Horse Owner’s and Trainer’s Equine Commercial General Liability is designed for race horse owners, race horse trainers, and race horse owners/trainers who have related activities such as breeding or sales
  • Equine Clubs and Associations provides liability coverage for equine organizations and their public event days

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