Wholesale Insurance for Energy


Expert coverage for the evolving Energy, Oil and Gas, and Renewables Sector

The Energy marketplace requires sophisticated products and broad solutions to address your clients’ significant and diversified exposures.

Burns & Wilcox is here to provide market access and expertise for oil and gas risks and the emerging renewable energy sector. Our broad range of products and expertise exist to address the varied and substantial risks within the evolving Energy industry.

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Areas Of Specialty

Oil & Gas
  • Oil and gas receipt and storage
  • Oil/LNG bulk fuel plants
  • Pipelines
  • Contractor relating to the construction and maintenance of the above industry segments
  • Solar and wind (both onshore or offshore)
  • Construction and operational
    • Construction:
      • Advanced loss of profits/delay in start-up
      • Construction all risks/erection all risks
      • Liability
      • Marine cargo and associated delay in start-up
      • Terrorism/political violence
      • Cyber risk
    • Operational:
      • Property damage
      • Business interruption
      • Liability
      • Terrorism/political violence
      • Cyber risk

Available Products

  • Physical loss or damage to all assets
  • Third party liability, including pollution liabilities
  • Construction of offshore assets and infrastructure and related onshore yard facilities
  • Business interruption and loss of profits, including delay in start-up
  • Decommissioning operations
  • Terrorism and political violence coverages
  • Cyber exposures

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B&W, like few others, will pick up the phone when I call. This is something that is so undervalued in our industry. As a broker, this is extremely valuable especially when I'm looking to expedite the quoting process for my unique clients.

-Jake C., Client, Mississauga, Ontario