Tailored Solutions for Canada’s Booming Construction Industry

Canada’s Construction industry is estimated to reach $300 billion in 2023. Unexpected costs arising from damages or accidents at a construction site can be severe. Whether a commercial project or residential, Burns & Wilcox has the capacity to offer large limits or small to meet the proper insurance needs for clients.

We also provide protection against damage to personal property during the course of construction. A tailored solution can put in place coverage while a property is under construction, along with property moved to off-site locations and in transit.


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BUILDER'S RISK - Large Cottage Renovation



Areas Of Specialty

  • Contractors
  • Project Owners
  • Developers
  • Construction Companies
  • Building Owners
  • Subcontractors
  • Catered Project Terms
  • Up to 3 Mortgagees
  • Dwellings
  • Buildings
  • Condos
  • High-Value Homes
  • Commercial Build
  • Department of Defence
  • Infrastructure
  • Catered Project Terms
  • Up to 3 Mortgagees
  • Dwellings
  • Buildings
  • Condos
  • High-Value Homes
  • Catered Project Terms
  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial Build
  • Up to 3 Mortgagees

Available Products

  • Residential, Commercial and Infrastructure projects
  • Ground-up Construction or Renovation
  • Projects Already Started
  • Theft of Building Materials On and Offsite
  • Unprotected Locations including Island Properties Eligible
  • Flexible Term Options on New Business and Extensions
  • Owners Acting as the General Contractors Considered
  • Renovations and Tail End Renovations
  • Only licensed Insured Contractor
  • Owner/builder – excludes Liability – must be Using Licensed Subcontractors Only
  • Homes in Brush, Coastal Areas, and Earthquake Zones
  • Dwellings with Losses
  • Named Insured’s can be Trusts, Estates, LLC’s or Corporations
  • Homeowners Form
  • $5 Million Premises Liability Limit
  • Medical Payment Coverage
  • Theft of Building Materials
  • Theft on Contents
  • Catered Project Terms

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Great underwriters, willing to find a solution as well a wide offering of coverages.

-Jeff C., Client, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island