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Farm and Ranch Package

There are a multitude of components involved in the operation of a farm or ranch. Buildings, machinery and equipment are all integral to a successful agribusiness, but do not come without risk. With operating expenses costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is important to obtain adequate coverage against potential losses.

Burns & Wilcox, a leading wholesale insurance provider, can connect you with Farm and Ranch Owners Coverage tailored to your clients’ needs. Our experts can provide access to the appropriate policy that will cover your clients’ personal dwelling, barn, farm equipment, crops, and more.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Property coverage available in broad and basic form
  • Coverage for dwellings, barns, and farm structures
  • Coverage for personal property and farm property
  • Personal liability for owner occupancies
  • Program features:
    • Minimum underlying liability limit of $300,000 CSL
    • Limits of liability up to $10M
    • $25,000 of excess uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage included in the base premium
    • Additional excess motorists coverage limits are available
    • Coverage for farm vehicles
  • Product eligibility:
    • Up to 250 head of cattle
    • Farm locations leased to others
    • Underlying coverage on a farm owners or equivalent form
    • Drivers with poor driving records are eligible
    • Operators under 23 and over 69 are eligible

Ask an Expert

Which does farm and ranch insurance cover?
Farm and ranch insurance is an expansive policy that covers anything from farm operations and machinery to barn and stable structures, as well as personal onsite homes and automobiles. While some homeowners insurance plans may include farm and ranch operations, farm and ranch insurance operates as a separate policy that helps cover the high risk exposure associated with the properties. While you can piece together various farm and ranch coverages with different companies, you’re more likely to avoid coverage gaps by packaging all policies together with the same organization.
What types of risks are involved in a farm and ranch insurance policy?
Between heavy machinery, chemical fertilizers, animals and employees, farms come with a high threat of hazard and loss. In most cases, a homeowners policy will not cover the risks associated with a commercial farm operation, such as employee exposures (workers compensation) or retail liability for selling goods. A farm and ranch policy ensures a client has all the bases covered.
How does an agent or broker distinguish what defines a farm or ranch?
There is no clear cut definition of a farm. Properties covered under farm and ranch policies can include traditional, large-scale Midwestern farms with crops and cattle, as well as small, privately-owned wineries, fisheries, vineyards, orchards and stables. Determining which coverage is necessary typically depends on the size of the farming operation and the type of activities that take place on the property. The biggest challenge for retail brokers and agents is determining when a “hobby farm” surpasses the coverage of a standard homeowners policy. For example, the owner of a small roadside stand that sells heirloom tomatoes grown on their property may not need farm and ranch coverage. However, if the business begins to expand over time, integrating hired farmhands and machinery, additional coverage may be required.

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