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Farm and Ranch

Operating a farm or ranch takes a lot of work to be successful. With land, complex machinery and equipment on-site, modern agribusinesses have significant operating budgets and it is important to obtain adequate coverage against potential losses.

Farm and Ranch Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides access to experts who can assist agribusinesses with the selection of insurance coverage for their activities and businesses.


Equine Mortality

Whether owned for pleasure or professional use, a horse is a valuable asset which requires considerable investment and care. Protection of this asset, however, can be costly and can involve more than just feeding, housing and medical attention. Should the horse cause property damage or injury, the horse owner is responsible and can be held liable for monetary compensation. Additionally, if the horse has been injured, becomes sick or dies, unexpected medical expenses may be incurred.

Equine Mortality Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides mortality, illness or disease coverage, reimbursement of costs resulting from accidents, third party liability coverage and more. As a leading provider of wholesale insurance, the experienced professionals at Burns & Wilcox can deliver insurance solutions to help your clients protect their investment.

Farm and Ranch Package

There are a multitude of components involved in the operation of a farm or ranch. Buildings, machinery and equipment are all integral to a successful agribusiness, but do not come without risk. With operating expenses costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is important to obtain adequate coverage against potential losses.

Burns & Wilcox, a leading wholesale insurance provider, can connect you with Farm and Ranch Owners Coverage tailored to your clients’ needs. Our experts can provide access to the appropriate policy that will cover your clients’ personal dwelling, barn, farm equipment, crops, and more.

At Burns & Wilcox our expertise becomes your expertise. Our marketing materials are designed to help you give your clients what they want to hear – yes to almost any hard-to-place-risk.

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