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Cargo involving electronics had the highest theft value of $772,369 in losses

The commercial transportation or shipment of cargo can be a daunting task for operators. Regardless of the type of equipment or products you are moving, unforeseen perils can cause physical damage to the cargo. As a result, operators are exposed to a multitude of legal liabilities and can be left holding the bag for damages that occur while in transit.

Inland Marine Coverage provides protection from the financial losses associated with property being shipped.

As a leader in providing access to wholesale specialty insurance, the dedicated professionals at Burns & Wilcox can provide peace of mind and protection regardless of the location of the covered property.

Motor Truck Cargo

It is important to ensure that products are protected while in the course of transit. Motor Truck Cargo insurance provides financial assistance should cargo be damaged or lost when travelling across Canada and the continental United States while in your clients’ care, custody or control. It can also protect a commercial operation’s exposure to liability resulting from the shipment of products.

Contractor’s Equipment

Contractors, photographers and landscapers couldn’t do their job if they weren’t able to bring the tools of their trade with them. However, standard property insurance doesn’t cover equipment when it’s off site or in transit. Without the proper insurance in place, commercial operations can be exposed to costly repairs or replacement when their equipment is damaged or destroyed. Contractor’s Equipment Coverage can help limit the impact to your clients’ bottom line when accidents happen.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to specialty insurance tailored to your clients’ commercial needs. Our experts can provide the appropriate policy that will cover equipment damaged from fire, flood, vandalism, lightening and many other risks.


Installation Floaters

Many contractors are unaware that standard property insurance policies don’t cover materials that are being installed. Contractors can be left holding the bag if damage occurs while in transit or during installation. Without the proper insurance in place, commercial operations can potentially diminish their profit margins or, worse, end up losing money on their jobs. Installation Floaters coverage can help limit the impact to your client’s bottom lines when accidents happen.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to specialty insurance tailored to your clients’ commercial needs. Our experts can provide the appropriate policy that will protect materials from the financial costs associated with many of the damages that contractors encounter in their daily work.




Tow truck drivers are responsible for moving damaged or stalled vehicles safely and securely without causing any additional damage. If a customer’s vehicle is damaged by a collision, fire, theft, explosion or vandalism while under tow, towing operators can be held liable for replacement and repair costs. To protect operations, towing companies need the proper insurance to limit the exposures associated with hauling vehicles owned by customers or another party.

On-Hook coverage, accessible through Burns & Wilcox, provides coverage for your auto service clients who tow or haul vehicles. As a leading provider of wholesale insurance, Burns & Wilcox has the expertise and knowledge to help you design coverage specific to the unique exposures of the auto services industry.


Physical Damage

Generally physical damage to an automobile results from colliding with another object or the overturning of the vehicle. However, fire, explosion, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, windstorm, hail, earthquake or floods can also cause physical damage to commercial vehicles. To limit the exposure to costly repairs, physical damage insurance can be tailored by specific peril or named peril coverage.

Physical Damage Insurance through Burns & Wilcox provides coverage for large fleets to small vehicles. As a leading provider of wholesale insurance, Burns & Wilcox can provide access to unique coverage tailored to the needs of each of your clients to protect them from financial damages resulting from claims related to their business operations.



Truckers General Liability

Truckers General Liability Coverage through Burns & Wilcox

The Transportation Center of Excellence offers unrivaled expertise and coverage

With the amount of professional truck drivers on the road in the Canada, it is essential that the right insurance coverage is in place. As a long-haul or for-hire trucker, a career on the road opens your vehicle to risk of costly damage or repairs. Truckers General Liability insurance covers accidents in parking lots, rest stops, and while loading or unloading.  It can also cover risks like theft and vandalism.

Truckers General Liability Coverage through Burns & Wilcox can provide access to coverage for businesses whose operations involve the transportation of goods. The specialty insurance experts at the Burns & Wilcox Transportation Center of Excellence can help underwrite the difficult-to-place transportation risks including long-haul trucking accounts.

Coverage Details and Features

Available Coverages

  • Motor truck cargo
  • Auto physical damage
  • Contractor’s equipment
  • Site preparation
  • Road building
  • Cranes (including Riggers/Hook Liability)
  • Forestry
  • Snow removal
  • Quarries and mines
  • Agricultural
  • Welding
  • Specialized or general contractors (including tool floaters)
  • Contractor’s pollution liability
    • Gradual and Sudden & Accidental
    • Loading and unloading
    • Emergency response
    • Excess environmental above auto limits
    • Non-owned disposal sites

Additional Coverages

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Exhibition Floater
  • Builder’s Risk
  • Installation Floater
  • Load Broker’s Legal Liability and E&O
  • Warehouseman’s Legal Liability
  • Bailee’s Liability
  • Rigger’s (Hook) Liability
  • Comprehensive Marina Package
  • Piers, Wharves, Docks and Slips
  • Associated Property
  • Equipment Dealer
  • Trip Transit
  • Forest fire fighting expense

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Long haul carriers including continental US
  • Local Hauling
  • Temperature controlled loads (refrigerated or heated)
  • Single unit owner operators
  • Large fleets over 200 units
  • New ventures
  • Heavy equipment or over dimensional loads
  • Parcel services/couriers
  • Household good movers
  • High value loads
  • Exhibition Floaters
  • Load Brokers
  • Warehousing

Ask an Expert

Which type of clients should have an inland marine/cargo insurance policy? And, what does it cover?
Any motor carrier that transports freight from point A to point B should purchase an inland marine/cargo policy. It covers losses to cargo while in the care, custody and control of a carrier, subject to the limitations of the specific policy.
What are common challenges associated with inland marine/cargo insurance policies?
Transporting or shipping cargo can be a particularly daunting task. Many unforeseen perils place the goods being transported at high risk for loss. Recently, claims related to theft of target commodities and other fraud-related losses have been on the rise, which has generated significant loss ratio problems in the inland marine/cargo marketplace.
What information is most important for agents to gather when helping a client select an inland marine/cargo policy?
Retail brokers and agents should explain the importance of providing as much information as possible related to the commodities being transported and the security protocols in place to protect them. Any details the insured can provide about loss reduction behaviors should be communicated in order to help reduce rates. Additionally, not all inland marine/cargo policies are created equal; it’s important that agents are familiar with the variation in coverage parts and review this closely with their clients.

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