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Medical Liability

How confident are you in your Medical Liability insurance? Many basic coverages do not offer the specialized protection you need to cover your assets.

Allied Medical

The health care industry continues to be among the fastest growing sectors of the economy. As industry employment and service capabilities increase, health care professionals are at increased risk for professional liability claims.

Allied Medical Coverage, is tailor-made for the health care sector to advise, defend and manage professional liability claims resulting from your clients’ diagnostic, technical, therapeutic or support services provided to the patients they serve. Burns & Wilcox delivers solutions for medical staff, facilities and centers providing patient service.

As a leading provider of wholesale specialty insurance, Burns & Wilcox has the breadth of products and experience you need to provide your clients with intelligent solutions for their healthcare business.


Medical Malpractice

Studies report the median damage awarded in a medical malpractice suit is $117,000. Additionally, the number of hospital patients who suffer preventable injuries stemming from medical errors is estimated at 70,000 each year. Even with today’s immense medical advances and cutting edge technology, there is still potential for medical professionals to make mistakes.

Crafting proper coverage for healthcare professionals requires specialization. With hospitals generating $62 billion in annual revenue nationwide and employing 571,581 individuals, you can capitalize on this opportunity. Protect medical professionals from costs stemming from bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage and the cost of defending lawsuits resulting from such claims.

Burns & Wilcox can customize packages that include Medical Malpractice Coverage to help your clients avoid gaps in coverage and limit their exposures to significant losses.

Coverage Details and Features

 Coverage Details:

  • Max $100,000 to $5M subject to some limits on specific benefits
  • Pregnancy and childbirth can be covered on group plans for an additional premium

Coverage Highlights:

  • Semi‐private room and board, and other necessary services/supplies while confined to the
    hospital and out‐patient medical care and treatment
  • Physician services and related expense for some medical treatment or surgical procedures
  • Services of a speech therapist and physiotherapist, when recommended by a physician
  • Diagnostic x‐rays and radioactive therapies
  • Blood transfusions and blood plasma
  • Air ambulance, transportation and repatriation expenses
  • Replacement of prescription glasses or hearing aids
  • Professional nursing services
  • Services performed by a licensed psychologist
  • Drugs and medicines, which require a written prescription
  • Immunization normally paid for by a Canadian provincial government health plan and allergy treatments
  • Diabetic supplies (glucose strips, insulin, and syringes)
  • Anesthesia and its administration
  • Oxygen and the administration thereof
  • Prosthetic appliances, dressings, applied by medical personnel where medically necessary and mechanical aids to breathing and similar supplied made necessary by disability
  • Local licensed and registered professional ambulance services
  • Dental treatment of natural teeth caused by an accidental blow


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Distressed home healthcare risk with large losses. $1M/$3M PL&GL, $1M abuse occurrence form and $1M umbrella


Geriatrics/General practice with $1M/$3M PL


Float therapy including physical/massage therapy with $1M/$3M PL/GL

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