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Specialty Classes: Personal

Burns & Wilcox offers solutions for a variety of personal specialty classes. See below for examples of coverages we are able to provide.

Caribbean Property

The beautiful Caribbean offers spectacular views and a warm environment. Owning a home in the Caribbean is a dream for many, and more people are investing in these properties. With this dream comes significant risks. Homes located close to water, especially in hurricane zones, are highly susceptible to damage from wind, water and even earthquakes. Make sure to protect your client’s home from costly expenses associated with property damage.

Caribbean Homes Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides access to coverage that limits the exposure to the financial strain associated with damage to Caribbean homes.


Family Office

How confident are you in your Family Office coverage? Many basic coverages do not offer the specialized protection you need to cover your assets.

Private Client

A painting recently sold at an auction in Toronto for a record-breaking $9.5 million, making it the most expensive Canadian piece ever sold. With Canadians’ wealth recently growing to the highest levels on record, more people are investing in high-ticket items and collections.

One primary contributing factor to the expanding affluent population is the booming housing market. In fact, in nine of Canada’s cities, more than 50 percent of active home listings exceed $1 million. As wealth continues to flourish on a national level, there is an increased demand for coverage that extends beyond the standard market.

Private Client Coverage can help you ensure your clients have the right level of protection for their dwellings and high-value possessions and collections.

In-Home Business

More than 50 percent of businesses operate primarily from the home. These home-based businesses are subject to a variety of different risks. Merchandise can become damaged, lost or stolen, and customers can become injured while using products, leaving the business responsible. With so much at stake, it is important for those who operate in-home businesses to have the right coverage to protect them against financial strain.

Burns & Wilcox, a leading provider of wholesale insurance, can connect you to In-Home Business Coverage. We can provide unique coverage tailored to the needs of each of your clients to protect them from financial damages resulting from the risks associated with operating their businesses.


Hard-to-Place Homeowners

Burns & Wilcox provides Hard-to-Place Homeowners Coverage targeted for properties that are not properly serviced by the standard insurance market. Contact your nearest Burns & Wilcox office today to ensure your client’s specific needs are being met.

Vacant Dwelling

Vacant Dwelling

A fire recently destroyed a $600,000 vacant home. The house had been burning for nearly an hour before it was discovered. Away from the watchful eye of the owner, vacant dwellings have an increased risk for greater losses.

1.34 million, or 8.6 percent, of Canada’s homes are currently vacant. This number has been steadily increasing for nearly 20 years. Location can drastically affect a property’s risk exposure, sometimes leading to significant losses for property owners. Colder climates give rise to water damage claims, as frozen pipes can burst, while wooded areas bring fire hazards. These risks require coverage from outside of the standard market.

Vacant Dwelling Coverage can be customized to limit your clients’ property exposures, whether they are moving or the home is between tenants, undergoing renovations, or part of an estate.

At Burns & Wilcox our expertise becomes your expertise. Our marketing materials are designed to help you give your clients what they want to hear – yes to almost any hard-to-place-risk.

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