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Commercial Marine Insurance: Comparing Cruise Ships to Local Ferries

The cruise ship industry sees nearly $38 billion in revenue annually around the world, with more than $15 billion invested into new cruise ships. Ferries, cruise ships, and other passenger vessels are a much different exposure than cargo ships that carry dry cargo, not people. Accidents and catastrophic mechanical failures with passenger vessels often result…

Harbormaster dismissed from lawsuit over teen’s electrocution death at Traverse City marina

The Michigan Court of Appeals has dismissed a Traverse City harbormaster from a lawsuit over an 18-year-old’s electrocution and drowning death at a city marina. The lawsuit accused Barry Smith, the harbormaster, as well as the city, the marina, Robert Cole, the former department of public services director, and engineering and electric companies of negligence.

Risk Below the Surface

Transporting materials is a complex process involving numerous parties with competing interests and responsibilities. Global in scope, modern supply chains are fraught with risk as freight forwarders work with cargo carriers to ensure products are transported safely and efficiently from point A to point B, crossing borders and great distances by land, air and sea….