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Burns & Wilcox Connects You to Comprehensive Environmental Coverage

Our Environmental Centre of Excellence provides you with expert knowledge and access to specialty markets Environmental coverage is a very specialized area of insurance that requires a deep understanding of government regulation and the potential environmental losses that could arise from your clients’ businesses.  The Burns & Wilcox Environmental & Construction Centre of Excellence, accessible through your local Burns & Wilcox office, provides brokers and agents with access to environmental specialists who can identify environmental exposures and deliver insurance solutions to address the specific environmental liabilities your clients may be vulnerable to.

Contractors Pollution Liability

When a contractor’s work causes pollution or disturbs an existing pollution condition, the contractor can be held liable for resulting damages. Most contractors don’t realize that even if they are not working with hazardous chemicals, they still face pollution liability risks that are typically not covered by a general liability policy.

Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage can protect your clients from losses caused by hidden or unanticipated pollution conditions.

Site Pollution Liability

Burns & Wilcox can provide Site Pollution Liability Coverage that can respond to cleanup costs, property damage and third party bodily injury associated with pollution arising from business operations. Contact us for solutions to manage your clients’ complex pollution risks.


Storage Tanks

When operating or owning a storage tank, it is important that the tank is maintained and checked routinely. If the tank is leaking or becomes damaged, the spilled gas or oil can contaminate the neighboring area. This could result in the storage tank owner being held liable for costly clean-ups and third-party damages. These situations are not covered by standard General Liability policies and require specific coverage.

Storage Tank Coverage through Burns & Wilcox builds on general liability policies to provide coverage specific to the unique environmental needs of operating or owning a storage tank. As a leading provider of excess and specialty insurance, Burns & Wilcox can provide intelligent insurance solutions to cover your clients from environmental exposures that may cause damage to their storage systems resulting in financial strain.

Coverage Details and Features

Available Coverages:

  • Package General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability & Professional Liability for Environmental Contractors and Consultants
  • Stand-Alone Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) for environmental and non-environmental contractors
  • Professional Liability for environmental consultants and engineers
  • First and/or Third-Party Fixed-Site Pollution Liability
  • Storage Tank Pollution Liability

Optional Coverages:

  • Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)
  • Non-Owned Disposal Sites (NODS)
  • Mould
  • Emergency response costs
  • Natural resource damage

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Environmental Contractors
  • Fuel haulers
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Environmental Drilling Services
  • Abatement & Remediation Contractors and Consultants
  • Fire/Water Restoration Contractors
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Recycling Facilities/Landfills
  • Waste Treatment and Storage Facilities
  • Oil & Gas


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Quick Facts: Environmental Insurance

Don’t think your clients have an environmental exposure? Think again. Get the latest facts on Environmental Insurance.


Ask an Expert

What is the nature of my product? Can it be used or misused in a dangerous way? Does it contain anything toxic? Companies that manufactured lead paint never expected that children would ingest dried chips of their product—but it happened.
Companies that manufactured lead paint never expected that children would ingest dried chips of their product — but it happened.
What services do I perform? Do I work with any products that have toxic potential? Could my work, done properly or improperly, unleash a pollutant? Do I manage property?
The manager of a 30-year-old apartment complex might be unaware that mold has entered and spread through the building on her watch. A worker stacks pallets of laundry detergent too high in a grocery warehouse and overnight it falls to the floor, leaking florescent material onto the warehouse floor and down into a drain that empties into a nearby pond.
What are my contractual obligations?
A contract may require proof of environmental insurance to demonstrate financial responsibility. This is especially common for contractors building or renovating schools and other government buildings.
Who owned this property before I did — and how was it used?
A luxury hotel could rest on an old toxic dump or a former gun factory, with contaminants lurking and ready to contaminate my bottom line.

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