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Vacant Dwelling

Vacant Dwelling

1.34M homes in Canada are currently vacant

A fire recently destroyed a $600,000 vacant home. The house had been burning for nearly an hour before it was discovered. Away from the watchful eye of the owner, vacant dwellings have an increased risk for greater losses.

1.34 million, or 8.6 percent, of Canada’s homes are currently vacant. This number has been steadily increasing for nearly 20 years. Location can drastically affect a property’s risk exposure, sometimes leading to significant losses for property owners. Colder climates give rise to water damage claims, as frozen pipes can burst, while wooded areas bring fire hazards. These risks require coverage from outside of the standard market.

Vacant Dwelling Coverage can be customized to limit your clients’ property exposures, whether they are moving or the home is between tenants, undergoing renovations, or part of an estate.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Property and Premises Liability Coverage available
  • Industry accepted ISO dwelling fire forms, liability, and commercial forms available
  • 3, 6, 9, and 12 month policies available
  • Rehab and renovation projects eligible
  • High-value homes starting at $750,000
  • Sewer Backup Coverage may be available on eligible risks

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