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Commercial Property

While the properties your clients’ businesses operate out of vary in size and location, one thing remains the same – all require the proper coverage in the event of a claim. If the building is damaged or contents are stolen, having the right insurance policy in place will help protect against the financial strain brought on by repairs or replacements.

Burns & Wilcox can provide unlimited access to a wide range of Commercial Property Owner Coverage and can arrange for insurance for virtually any tenant occupied building – new or old. Burns & Wilcox offers a variety of specialized insurance solutions for owners of stores, apartments, buildings, warehouses and more.

Builders Risk

The risk of property damage on a construction site is a significant concern for project owners, building owners, developers, contractors and subcontractors. This damage can result in severe, unexpected costs which can delay the building process or halt it entirely. Builder’s Risk Insurance (often referred to as Course of Construction, Construction All Risk, and Contractor’s All Risk Insurance) provides a specialized form of insurance designed to insure buildings or projects against repair or replacement costs while they are under construction and, in some cases, for a specified period afterwards.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment used as part of today’s business operations often relies on delicate electronic components that can break down easily and be costly to repair or replace. While property insurance covers damages to equipment resulting from external causes, like fires and earthquakes, a different type of insurance is needed to cover expensive equipment breakdowns as a result of internal causes such as mechanical failure, electrical short circuiting, or motor burnout. Having an insurance policy that covers against these types of damages helps protect a business’ finances and allows them to continue to serve their clients.


Apartment buildings are more than just a place for people to live – to their owners they are an investment and a source of income. From apartment fires to visitor injuries, owners can be held liable for costly repairs or medical bills. Having the right insurance policy in place will help protect against the financial strain brought on by unanticipated loss or liability.


Inland Marine

The commercial transportation or shipment of cargo can be a daunting task for operators. Regardless of the type of equipment or products you are moving, unforeseen perils can cause physical damage to the cargo. As a result, operators are exposed to a multitude of legal liabilities and can be left holding the bag for damages that occur while in transit.

Inland Marine Coverage provides protection from the financial losses associated with property being shipped.

As a leader in providing access to wholesale specialty insurance, the dedicated professionals at Burns & Wilcox can provide peace of mind and protection regardless of the location of the covered property.


Primary and Excess Property

It is important for your clients to routinely review and evaluate their current commercial property insurance policies against the real value of their asset. If their property is valued at more than what their policy states, then they should consider purchasing excess property coverage. By increasing their policy’s limits, your clients are assuring that their property is properly covered from financial risks.

As a leading supplier of excess and surplus insurance, Burns & Wilcox can arrange for Excess Property Coverage. With fast quotes, competitive rates, excellent client service, and unparalleled access to markets, Burns & Wilcox has the breadth of products and experience you need to provide your clients with excess coverage.


Stock Throughput

How confident are you in your Stock Throughput insurance? Many basic coverages do not offer the specialized protection you need to cover your assets.


Vacant Property

Property owners often assume that vacant properties, building/dwelling or land don’t need much attention. However, the opposite is true. Vacant building, property and land represent a major risk for commercial property and land owners. A vacant property is still a valuable investment and your clients deserve protection.

Burns & Wilcox offers property and/or liability coverage on the following:

  • Vacant Building Coverage
  • Vacant Dwelling Coverage
  • Vacant Land Coverage

As a leader in providing access to wholesale specialty insurance, the dedicated professionals at Burns & Wilcox offers the broadest coverage, the highest liability limits and replacement costs.


Course of Construction

The risk of property damage while you’re a home is under construction is a significant concern for property owners. Damage can result in severe, unexpected costs which can delay the building process or halt it entirely. Course of Construction insurance (often referred to as “Builder’s Risk”) provides a specialized form of insurance designed to insure against repair or replacement costs while construction is underway and, in some cases, for a specified period afterwards.

Course of Construction Coverage through Burns & Wilcox can cover your clients’ personal property while under construction, as well as property at off-site storage locations and in transit. As a leading provider of wholesale insurance, the experienced professionals at Burns & Wilcox can deliver insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of your clients.


Fine Arts

As a commercial operation that deals with artwork, protecting these important assets is vital. Whether shipping by land, sea or air, transporting fine art can be a stressful endeavor and it is important to ensure the right coverage is in place to protect art in transit from departure to arrival.

Fine Arts Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides protection to museums and collectors from the financial consequences from accidents during shipment of artwork. As a leader in providing access to excess and specialty insurance, the dedicated professionals at Burns & Wilcox can provide assurance that artwork remains financially protected when in transit.

Jewelers Block

When in the business of distributing, selling or manufacturing high value goods such as precious metals or gems, a single loss or incident can have a devastating impact on business performance. Owners and manufactures can be rendered financially unstable if an individual item or collection becomes damaged or stolen. Obtaining the necessary insurance can provide remediation in case of burglary, robbery, shoplifting, grab and run, substitution and/or accidental damage.

Jewelers Block Coverage from Burns & Wilcox will provide access to coverage to protect your client’s entire inventory of gold, silver, diamond, and gemstone merchandise, as well as items that have been temporarily placed in their care. Jewelers Block Coverage is an all risk policy which provides tailored coverage for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, collectors and more.

At Burns & Wilcox our expertise becomes your expertise. Our marketing materials are designed to help you give your clients what they want to hear – yes to almost any hard-to-place-risk.

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